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Why should I use a travel agent when I can do it myself either directly through the Airlines on the Internet?
Despite the advent of direct booking capabilities by the airlines and Internet travel sites, 85% of all travel continue to be booked through a travel agent.
A recent study by Consumer Reports shows that millions of passengers who book direct are getting a bad deal for their travel dollar. Up to 40% of the flying public pays too much for their travel, hundreds of dollars more than they should to fly the exact same route, same seat, same plane, same class of service, same everything.
A good travel agent can help a consumer wade through the thousands of airline and tour fares that are out there and provide unbiased, objective counseling on all of the options available. We are experts in Understanding the intricacies of the system and helping you take full advantage of them. We provide a one stop shopping service for all your travel needs, whether it is an airline ticket, car rental, hotel, tour package, or cruise . And we¡¯ll help you stay within your budget.
Best of all, you can depend on us to provide professional advice and courteous service we will customize a travel itinerary to suit your budget, lifestyle and preferences and back it up with customer support when you need it. We have helped thousands of people realize their travel dreams and save hundreds , even thousands of dollars on their travel.
At Jetspeed Corporate Travel we put the power of our people and technology to work for our customers by recognizing that different companies have different needs.
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